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Yay plants.

May 25th, 2011

9:26am, 74°F, Sunny

I ended up with a bunch of bulbs that were 75% off at Lowe’s the other day. Haven’t gotten around to planting them yet. Also have a “Blueberries n’ Cream” hydrangea sitting around that was rescued from a dumpster fate… check your nearest Lowes for the discount plants, people.

I’m kind of trying to get myself back on track with a lot of things (horse stuff, exercise, cleaning, balcony maintenance, etc) and the balcony has gone mostly untouched. Still, the plants I’ve got up there are looking decent. Morning Glories have begun their climbs on their trellises, tomato plants are pretty big and with blooms, squash is growing… it’s all coming along.

I often feel like life is a giant game of catch-up, and the balcony definitely fits the bill for that at the moment. Ah, well, hopefully I’ll get everything sorted out soon!

And on a random unrelated note… does anyone else love the smell of tomato plants like I do?

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