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Thyme for a Post…

May 23rd, 2011

8:56am,  62°F, Overcast
Oh jeez. I get busy and then I neglect this blog (and my plants, to a degree). Forgive me, people that read this and plants on my balcony and stuff! Thankfully the plants are none the worse for wear.
When I did my initial put-plants-outside-again cleanup and stuff, I trimmed back the thyme I [...]

And we’re back!

April 12th, 2011

6:03pm, 53°F, Rainy
This blog has spent a good many months severely neglected. My plants only fared slightly better.
But it is spring again, and I’m back to work at the garden center, surrounded by plants all day, which is pretty inspiring. And so, I’m kicking this blog back up onto its feet! Woo! And I’m kicking [...]


May 21st, 2010

7:3am, 63°F, sunny, plants are outside
The lemon balm is continuing to do it’s thing and be sort of out of control in my pots. But I do rather like how it’s been draping over the side of the one pot, and if it can control itself enough to leave the bulbs in that pot alone, [...]

Thyme flies…

May 19th, 2010

7:55am, 53°F, most plants outside. (Peppers & tomatoes inside.)
Yeah, yeah, I’m having too much fun with the puns. In any case, the thyme is doing much as it was. I used some in cooking the other day– an experimental attempt at mozzarella-tomato-herb muffins. Unfortunately, they mostly tasted like nothing and I had to get some [...]

My favorite herb

May 17th, 2010

6:30pm, 68°F, plants are outside
So, let me open this up with a question– what’s your favorite herb?
Mine is dill. I love dill. It’s easy to grow, will reseed itself with little fuss (though it may end up in pots or places you don’t expect), it smells heavenly and tastes great. It’s perfect for use in [...]

Basil; hooray!

May 8th, 2010

4:30pm, 72°F, most plants are outside
I had been hoping that my basil had reseeded itself and was coming back. In particular, I had a variety of lemon basil that was absolutely wonderful, though I had a regular variety, too. In any case, I’d spotted a seedling that looked promising in one of the pots.

Sure enough, [...]

8:30pm, 51°F, rainy. Most plants have been outside for the past few days/nights.
Sorry for the lack of posting. It was a busy, eventful weekend. Since this is a plant blog, I won’t include all the details, but I ended up with another horse. Oops?
Anyway, the plants are coming along. I still have a lot of [...]

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